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Behind the Laughter

Paranoid Image's second full album is
now released! From the first song throught the last, this
epic journey through PI's eclectic genre range includes new
songs and some of those released in 2023 and 2024.

They Don't Care About Us

PI's cover of Michael Jackson's song was released
on January 19, 2024. Featuring our talented
percussionists in a Brazilian batucada bateria!

Heavy In Your Arms

PI's July 2023 single is our
cover of Florence + The Machine's beautiful
song. Ends with an epic guitar solo!

Colorado Burns

PI's hot June 2023 single!
Ready to dance? It's our zouk-inspired song
about the yearly Colorado wildfires.


PI's April 2023 single!
Our slow acoustic version of "Goodbye", the theme
song to Netflix's "Dark" series.

90 Days

"90 Days" - January 2023 Single
It's a song that's a plea for a loved one
with substance use problems to get help. BUT - it's not all sad sounding!
It's got a bouncy bass line with a catchy, jazzy, Western-y, bluesy feel.

Mutual Tension

"Mutual Tension" - April 2021 Single with Remixes
Paranoid Image's popular acoustic punkish-style song,
including very cool remixes by incredible DJ's!

(Trying to) Find Myself

"(Trying to) Find Myself" - March 2021 Single
Paranoid Image's epic, theatrical, symphonic rock
song that features the Denver East HS Honors Choir.

Chinese Checkers

"Chinese Checkers" - March 2021 Single
PI's 70's funk-style single. A new original
song where PI breaks away from all-acoustic!

Burning Paint

"Burning Paint" - 2018 Album
Check out the unique and eclectic blend
of original new music by Paranoid Image!

Keep Your Heart

"Keep Your Heart" is our very
first single. Released in January 2018 and
redone / re-released on the "Burning Paint" album.